Podcast: Enhancing Customer Experience by System-Driven Fulfilment

9th July 2024

Logistics BusinessPodcast: Enhancing Customer Experience by System-Driven Fulfilment

Enhancing Customer Experience Through System-Driven Fulfilment is the latest episode of our Podcast service, ‘Logistics Business Conversations’. It is now available to listen to on Spotify, Acast, Apple Podcasts, Amazon AudibleĀ and other podcast distribution platforms – just search for ‘Logistics Business Conversations’.

Peter MacLeod speaks with Smitha Raphael, Chief Product and Delivery Officer at SnapFulfil about enhancing customer experience. Raphael details four key recommendations for businesses to take today to help improve the customer experience and keep the consumer happy: Don’t be afraid of systems and automation; any system should have order accuracy as the main focus; third party logistics operators should provide visibility via data; find new automation that best fits your business.

Enhancing Customer Experience

By focusing on the key areas mentioned in this episode, companies can significantly enhance their customer experience, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty through efficient, accurate, and responsive fulfillment processes. Learn about System-Driven Fulfilment, Transforming Fulfillment Operations, Improving Order Accuracy, Speeding Up Delivery Times, Real-Time Inventory Management, Seamless Customer Communication, Personalized Customer Experience, Scalability and Flexibility, and Building Customer Trust and Loyalty.

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Brought to you by Synergy Logistics, SnapFulfil delivers a warehouse management solution to customers in a range of industries including retail and e-commerce, third party logistics (3PL), manufacturing, food and beverage and more. Synergy is currently one of just a handful of companies in the world to be positioned in the GartnerĀ® Magic QuadrantTM for Warehouse Management Systems which recognises our completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Logistics Business Conversations, are monthly, topical and exclusive talks with key informative spokespeople from the supply chain industry. Contact us if you would like to appear as a guest or to discuss a bespoke episode for your company. Previous episodes include: Warehouse Automation: Can you afford not to?; Fleet Insurance: Strategies to control costs; the Future of high-density, high-performance solutions; the future of your warehouse; Energy usage and carbon neutral supply chains; transport management: data and delivery; the future of the supply chain.

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