WEIG Group Selects Sixfold Real-Time Visibility

16th July 2019

Logistics BusinessWEIG Group Selects Sixfold Real-Time Visibility

Sixfold, which describes itself as Europe’s leading provider of real-time predictive visibility of shipments across the supply chain, says that the WEIG Group has become the latest customer to join its secure data visibility network. WEIG Group, a major supplier of carton board, printed folding carton and plasterboard liner, chose Sixfold to support its new “Driven by Care” initiative for real-time visibility of customer shipments.

“Real-time visibility of shipments will enable WEIG’s customers to better manage their daily operations and be pre-informed of critical delivery status details of their shipments,” says Roland Rex (above), Head of Customer Focus and Business Development, WEIG Karton. “With the Sixfold platform, we can drive significant internal efficiencies by streamlining the loading process with ETA information directly linked with our time management system. The automatic delivery tool of the platform will also trigger the automatic carrier payment process.”

“Automation of WEIG’s mundane, time-consuming and repetitive tasks enabled by the Sixfold visibility platform will deliver substantial cost savings and drive greater efficiencies through process improvements and digitization,” adds Wolfgang Woerner, Sixfold’s CEO. “The seamless integration of Sixfold with its existing transport management system will ensure the fastest time to value possible.”