Webinar: Driving Logistics Transformation with AI

4th April 2022

Logistics BusinessWebinar: Driving Logistics Transformation with AI

For Transport and Logistics businesses, the key to addressing many of today’s challenges – from supply chain disruption and rising customer expectations, to the balance between efficiency and sustainability – could lie in cutting-edge technologies like AI & Machine Learning (ML).

By rapidly applying AI and ML to key business areas, organisations can uncover powerful insights within their data to increase efficiency and delight customers.

Inawisdom‘s recent webinar, hosted by Logistics Business editor Paul Hamblin, took a deep dive into the impact and applications of AI in logistics and supply chain, with insights and best practice from a panel of AI and logistics experts from Inawisdom, Intel and others.

CLICK HERE to watch a recording of the webinar to learn how AI can drive transformation in Transport and Logistics, which featured real-life case studies of AI in the logistics industry

Download the webinar to discover:

  • How to overcome the common myths about getting started with AI and why the reality is easier than you’d think
  • Real-life success stories of how the Transport and Logistics industry is already applying AI
  • Insights into what’s next for AI and ML in the supply chain, and where the greatest opportunities lie

To gain further insight on this topic, CLICK HERE to watch the webinar and kick-start your AI journey.