Who is speaking? Warehouse Voice Software Knows

3rd December 2020

Logistics BusinessWho is speaking? Warehouse Voice Software Knows

Wherever you have lots of order pickers working side by side in the warehouse, voice software can incorrectly recognizes commands. EPG (Ehrhardt + Partner Group) has incorporated machine learning into its latest release. The system reacts to the volume of the input signal coming from the speaker and automatically ignores it if there’s a significant deviation. This ensures that the system only listens to the actual user, avoiding incorrect commands from other people speaking. In addition, Lydia® Voice now also features a voice-activated client event reporting function for simplified error analysis during voice application. The new release is available on the latest operating systems, including Android 10.

And even when used with headsets featuring microphones that don’t offer optimum noise-cancelling capabilities, the new Lydia® Voice release is able to leverage its strengths, with Lydia® now even better at differentiating between the actual user and other people who are talking nearby. The integrated machine learning technology reacts to the volume of the input signal. When there is a significant deviation in input volume, the system can tell whether it’s the actual user talking or somebody else. And if it is somebody else, the system automatically disregards what they’ve said. This helps to avoid incorrect commands and ensure the actual worker can go about his or her duties without

Improved error analysis

In the event of something unexpected happening in warehouse operations, such as network problems or challenges with voice input and output, the new release allows the user to actively generate log files by voice command via the client event reporting feature. This puts a marker in the system that is easy to find, enabling each
documented incident to be analysed and evaluated swiftly. Incidents can therefore be rectified as soon as they occur, saving a great deal of time, and can also be assigned to error categories as part of the process.

The new Lydia® release is available on the latest versions of major operating  systems, including Android 10. This also means maximum flexibility when it comes to choosing hardware.

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