rebrands to Raft

8th November 2022

Logistics rebrands to Raft is rebranding under the name Raft. The name change to Raft emphasises its evolution to a comprehensive operational platform for freight forwarders.

Since 2017, when launched as, the company has delivered industry-leading AI to automate document and email processing for freight forwarders. While AI for automated document and email processing remains at the core of the company’s technology, the rebrand to Raft points towards the greater need for forwarders to have a single platform for their day-to-day workflow.

“Raft’s purpose is to help forwarders optimise their whole shipment process, across the entire lifecycle,” said James Coombes, CEO, Raft. “Yes, we use the industry’s leading AI implementation in our platform, but we now provide much more capability on top of each shipment, like emissions visibility, which allows our forwarding and brokerage customers to provide ever-better service to their end-customers on the back of the standardisation we already provide. It’s a really powerful concept that has resonated with our customer-base.

“Our global ambition is to understand every event of every shipment, to automate everything, and this rebrand – and the mindset that goes with it – is another step towards that mission.”

On average, Raft currently saves forwarders over an hour per shipment across its platform’s product offerings, helping its customers save in excess of $2.1m in net workforce productivity every year. Multinational forwarders naturally achieve far greater savings. It says this meaningful impact is helping to carve out its position as the foremost – and only – intelligent operating platform for the industry.

To celebrate the successful evolution from AI-provider to intelligent platform for forwarding excellence, Raft has also fully re-branded with a new design, logo and website.