Turn your Delivery Fleet into Profit Engine

13th December 2022

Logistics BusinessTurn your Delivery Fleet into Profit Engine

The delivery fleet is the front line of customer service and satisfaction. Yet the way these fleets are managed – often with outdated manual route-planning processes – can significantly impact your bottom line.

Today, customers’ Amazon-fuelled appetites for faster, more frequent deliveries have driven last-mile delivery costs in the B2C sector to between 28% and a whopping 55% of the total cost of goods.
With delivery emerging as a competitive differentiator in the B2B sector, too, costs there will inevitably follow suit.

Consequently, product distribution and delivery operations are under unprecedented pressure to provide rapid, predictable services. Many businesses, frankly, are struggling to cope. Relying solely on old-fashioned, manual route-planning approaches, many fleet managers over-compensate, securing more drivers and vehicles than are actually needed—and draining company profits further in the process.

Tips to Turn Your Fleet into a Profit Engine & Reduce Costs By 30%

It’s ironic: the final mile is the most complex part of the supply chain, yet it’s the last to be optimised. But here’s the good news, according to Aptean: by automating route planning, companies can reduce private fleet costs by 10% to 30%. It’s hard to imagine another area of your business that could take such a quick and radical haircut— and actually work better as a result.

Investing in an advanced route optimisation platform will ultimately be your competitive advantage, not your weakest link. It can help you:
• Reduce fleet operating costs by up to 30% and see ROI payback in as little as 3 months
• Utilise technological innovations to transport goods in the fastest, most efficient way
• Strategically plan better routes in minutes, not hours
• Optimise the use of all resources including planners, drivers, and vehicles

Delivery fleet expectations

The world is changing fast, and the bar for service has been raised. Your delivery fleet must now meet ever-increasing expectations for faster, precisely timed deliveries—and do it without breaking the bank. The technology and know-how exist to help you get the most out of every fleet-mile you run. Automated routing is a proven, beneficial technology that can help mine the savings potential hidden in your private fleet—your company’s last, great, untapped profit centre.

An inefficient fleet presents both a problem and an opportunity. But let’s be clear: this is no easy, flip-the-switch answer. Changing well-entrenched logistics department practices is hard. Changing minds is even harder. We hope to convince you that it’s worth it. Download a free copy of Aptean’s latest eBook, ‘Is Your Private Fleet a Drain on Company Profits’, and discover how, now.