Touchpath Technology Live-Counts Inventory

25th May 2023

Logistics BusinessTouchpath Technology Live-Counts Inventory

International supply chain solutions provider TouchPath has released ‘TouchCount’, a new breed of inventory cycle counting technology that live-counts production, warehouse and logistics inventory with no costly and time-consuming production stoppages or disruption to warehouse product flows. This represents a major advance on traditional ERP inventory cycle counting say TouchPath, and enables the system to pay for itself in six to nine months through time savings and continuity of supply according to system trial results from TouchPath users.

Historically, the need to call a halt to operations to count inventory has been caused by the limitations of ERP systems that do not allow operations to continue while stock is being counted. In contrast TouchCount collects live inventory information from data capture devices including scanners and mobile computers while enabling operations to continue uninterrupted.

The software typically runs on an existing browser so is quick to install, either standalone or integrated with an ERP system, and can be customised in line with user company rules and practices. Importantly TouchCount’s live-count, real-time view of inventory ensures that warehouse, production and logistics managers always have an accurate view of the stock for which they are responsible: product damage and loss is minimised and stock can be maintained at the exact level required for optimum fulfilment, says TouchPath.

“TouchCount software sets a new industry standard for inventory cycle counting,” says TouchPath CEO David Myers. “It saves time and money so has a very measurable ROI.”

TouchPath technology uses smart, flexible modules that can be bolted together in almost any combination to deliver a customised solution at an off-the-shelf price, deploying systems technology that captures more information for better business performance and faster ROI according to the company.

TouchPath solutions are COTS (Custom-off-the-Shelf) applications. The user determines which functions are required and the business rules under which they are to operate and receives a bespoke solution configured from pre-existing modules. This gives user organisations the flexibility and control they need to optimise their warehouse and production processes in line with their individual needs and with no need to alter their processes or business rules.

TouchPath has operations in the USA (High Point, NC 27265) and the UK (Kent ME13 8NZ).