Teleroute strengthens in DACH region

21st July 2021

Logistics BusinessTeleroute strengthens in DACH region

Teleroute Freight Exchange, a leader in security, closed 2020 with remarkable growth in its customer base due to a higher retention rate and a 20% increase in new customer acquisition compared to the previous year.

Part of this growth is concentrated in the DACH region, where more and more companies trust Teleroute to improve the efficiency of their domestic and international transit. The freight exchange recently signed an agreement with three well-known companies in the sector: Vertex GmbH, Wildenhofer Unternehmensgruppe and Fercam Austria.

Vertex GmbH, based in Tyrol, has signed an agreement with Teleroute to include its four branches in Kirchbichl, Söll, Innsbruck and Vienna. Teleroute’s coverage in the region, number of freight offers, and security of the platform are mentioned as the key factors for choosing the freight exchange.

According to its CEO, Matthias Wallmann, Vertex GmbH has found in Teleroute its best partner to “improve truck traffic, especially in the French and Spanish markets, reducing empty kilometers and covering longer distances”.

Additionally, Wildenhofer Unternehmensgruppe, with its headquarters in Salzburg, is now joining the Teleroute community with its four branches (Tarragona in Spain and Schärding, Kufstein and Hallein in Austria) together with the other two companies in the group, Alpentrans and Wildenhofer Hispania.

Christopher Friedl, Branch Manager, says that what they value most about Teleroute are secure payments and the communication with customer service: “The payment guarantee service is very important to us, it ensures we get our money. We also value the swift response and communication with customer service in dealing with unfortunate events.”

Fercam, the renowned international transport company based in Italy with numerous branches throughout Europe, has also signed an agreement with Teleroute for the whole Austrian market, including access to its locations in Kundl, Salzburg, Seeboden, Sankt Pölten and Brunn Am Gebirge.

Christian Jarnig, CEO of Fercam Austria says: “Teleroute is an important and useful tool that allows our company to be competitive in the actual market. It is possible to find both good and liable transport partners and also loads in all Europe. We appreciate very much the support of the Teleroute Staff and the smoothly and intuitive, user-friendly functioning of the platform.”

Thanks to these new alliances in the DACH market, Teleroute, part of Alpega together with Wtransnet and 123cargo, is strengthening its commitment to help transport companies in this region to face the new challenges of the sector through innovation and safety, offering the best solutions for efficient fleet management and outsourcing of partners in a network of more than 85,000 trusted transport professionals.