Tyre-Tracking RFID Plug Set for Market Launch

20th April 2018

Logistics BusinessTyre-Tracking RFID Plug Set for Market Launch

FermRFID, a Division of FineLine Technologies, and Camso have announced a multi-year RFID development agreement to commercialise a patent pending RFID solution for solid tyres called the ‘plug’. The solution, which has undergone development and testing by FermRFID and Camso for two years, can uniquely identify tyres and track them throughout the entire supply chain from manufacturing, vulcanisation, warehousing, shipping and at customer locations.
The announcement was made jointly by George Hoffman, CEO and Chairman of the Board of FineLine Technologies and Erick Bellefleur, Vice President and General Manager – Material Handling at Camso.

“The ability to use integrated RFID solutions in the tyre manufacturing process enables visibility and transparency throughout a tyre’s lifecycle and opens the gateway to Industry 4.0 development and the Internet of Things ecosystem, Hoffman says. “In addition, this RFID solution creates the opportunity for tyre manufacturers to explore potential new business models with their customers.”

Camso’s Bellefleur adds, “As a leader in solid tyre manufacturing, we are committed to developing solutions that bring added value to our customers and improve their operations. The monitoring of tyre usage throughout the entire life cycle, in the application, offers new avenues to better understand and lower fleet operating costs.”

As part of the agreement, Camso will engage in a multi-year partnership to commercialise the plug in mass production, as well as other RFID solutions currently in development.