Transporeon Launches Freight Matching for Forwarders

23rd June 2022

Logistics BusinessTransporeon Launches Freight Matching for Forwarders

Freight forwarders are experts in their areas of the freight industry and have a vision of how the industry can be optimised. To set this vision in motion, Transporeon is thrilled to launch Freight Matching for Forwarders to boost their operational know-how and drive a digital revolution in the freight forwarding industry.

“This is a game-changer for the industry. The way we move freight has evolved over the years, but some basic principles have remained the same as freight is cascaded down from shippers to one or more forwarders and carriers. But this is often a manual process that comes with numerous challenges,” says Gruziana Hoxha, Executive Director for Carrier Management at Transporeon.

In today’s dynamic market there is a continuous search for transport capacity, often forcing forwarders to look beyond their trusted carrier network. Subcontracting has always played an important role in many supply chains. Even asset-heavy carriers subcontract as not every load fits perfectly within their network. However, subcontracting still has a negative connotation and comes with several risks. These include interrupted information flows, lost in-transit visibility, degraded service quality and OTIF performance, and potential security risks.

Freight Matching solves these challenges by maximising the available capacity forwarders already have with their trusted carriers. It empowers logistics teams to optimise the transport assignment process so they can make best use of their trusted carrier networks, limiting the need to look elsewhere for available capacity. “It basically makes sure that the right carrier gets assigned to the right shipment, for the right price, every time,” adds Gruziana Hoxha.

Forwarders play a crucial role in today’s supply chains. They have been consolidating fragmented capacity and delivering end-to-end transportation services and great customer experience for more than 200 years and this is what drives them every day. “It’s a people business, where relationships and partnerships make the difference. Now we are adding a great technology into their toolbox that optimises their capacity sourcing and enables them to spend more time on improving existing relationships or building new ones to strengthen the network, creating solutions, and providing an even better customer experience. Technology in logistics is all about making people’s lives easier while empowering collaboration and business growth – and that’s exactly what Freight Matching does,” says Stephan Sieber, CEO of Transporeon.