Telematics Specialist Wins Deal with with Food Service Provider

21st August 2017

Logistics BusinessTelematics Specialist Wins Deal with with Food Service Provider

Global provider of fleet management solutions, Teletrac Navman has secured a contract with Penta Foods, a  foodservice company; delivering specialist and general food ingredients to restaurants, hotels, catering and facilities and food manufacturing across the UK.

The contract enables Penta Foods and its 60+ fleet to comprehensively track and monitor deliveries across the UK through the implementation of the Teletrac Navman’s DIRECTOR for transport platform.

With over 1000 all-important deliveries made by Penta Foods each day – to prestigious chains such as Jamie Oliver restaurants and Radisson Blu hotels – the Penta Foods transport team will utilise the software to help streamline operational efficiencies. DIRECTOR provides Penta Foods with an end-to-end overview of its fleet whilst helping tackle key industry challenges such as logistics, driver safety, fuel efficiency and time pressures.

Dean Miller at Penta Foods commented: “We are already seeing improvements on the back of Teletrac Navman’s DIRECTOR, fleet management software after just 4 months, which is very exciting.

“The software is great for analysing and improving driver performance so we’ve put a fantastic, motivational financial incentive in place to reward our drivers. We anticipate we will see great results for the business, our staff and customers on the back of this – it’s a win-win for everyone. “