Predictive Visibility Specialist Sixfold Wins New Customer

10th July 2019

Logistics BusinessPredictive Visibility Specialist Sixfold Wins New Customer

Insulation business ISOVER has joined the shipment tracking network of real-time predictive visibility specialist Sixfold.

ISOVER is integrating Sixfold’s unique intuitive visibility platform into its transport control system “enabling sales teams to be more responsive to customers’ needs and provide proactive alerts on incoming shipments, in particular late deliveries and changing ETAs”.

Sixfold’s technology claims to make shipments traceable and delivery/pick-up times predictable. It can also boost warehouse productivity by up to 30%, it says.

“Every minute in the supply chain counts and carriers and their customers are data hungry,” said Wolfgang Woerner, Sixfold’s CEO. “It is within Sixfold’s remit to provide the supply chain with tools that provide instant visibility of incoming logistics, and drive customer service levels through automated push messaging and instant notification of delivery times.”