New built high-bay cold storage protected from the outset against fire risks

2nd July 2015

Logistics BusinessNew built high-bay cold storage protected from the outset against fire risks

With 2,700 employees and out of 11 production sites the Belgium bakery group “La Lorraine serves the
whole of Europe with its deep-frozen bakery products. The company is characterised by constant growth and
has built two new high-bay warehouses in Europe within two years. In August 2013 the new high-bay cold
storage in the Czech town of Kladno has been launched. The active fire prevention system OxyReduct®
protects against failures or damage caused by fire.

Also for the second new building in Polish Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki the proven fire protection solution by
WAGNER was chosen. Commissioning is scheduled for August 2015.

The basic idea behind the innovative fire prevention concept OxyReduct®: Action rather than reaction which
means preventing a fire before it even starts instead of fire extinguishing. Failures can have catastrophic
effects on the supply chain, especially in the field of logistics where every second counts. This can have a
massive impact on the entire company as well as on its trade partners. Even small fires could contaminate
goods with smoke or particles of soot, rendering them unsellable. This can result in supply shortfalls, loss of
customers and can also damage the company’s reputation substantially.

OxyReduct® is based on a simple principle: a fire always needs sufficient fuel, (heat) energy and oxygen. If the
ambient oxygen concentration is being reduced a fire cannot propagate as the fire will lack the air it needs. It
will choke instantly. OxyReduct® generates the nitrogen needed to reduce the oxygen level directly from the
ambient air. The generated nitrogen will be lead into the area to be protected and will reduce the oxygen to
the predefined level. In this fire retardant atmosphere stored goods and logistic processes are well and
reliably protected against fire.

The system is suitable for use in food storages and deep-freezer areas, where water-based systems due to
extremely low temperatures and the risk of contaminating the goods are being stretched to their limits.

Since this innovative technology was newly developed by WAGNER, who has specialised in fire protection for
40 years, OxyReduct® has set the protection standards in the fields of storage and logistics. WAGNER offers
his customers a complete portfolio ranging from planning and design to system construction and servicing.