eBook: End to end Costing in Express Logistics

3rd July 2024

Logistics BusinesseBook: End to end Costing in Express Logistics

Logistics Business magazine, together with the Information Factory, have produced a new 6 page digital magazine on managing end to end costing in express logistics. Editor Peter MacLeod talks to iFactory CEO Robert Jordan to understand how transport and logistics businesses can manage costs and grow. Learn how accurate costing of each individual process within the supply chain can be used to make commercial and operational decisions that are absolutely key to driving a business forward.

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Understand costs and grow your business

Ever-higher levels of visibility across the logistics and wider supply chain sectors offer businesses considerable knowledge of the status of goods in transit and storage. But whilst the digitisation of the sector helps identify to a granular level where any individual item may be located anywhere in the world, the knowledge of what are a business’s key end-to-end cost drivers is less widely known.
In logistics and transport, operations are often highly complex and feature innumerable variables. But if the cost information on which decisions are based is either unreliable or – worse – non-existent, businesses can miss the opportunity to make decisions that have the potential to improve profitability in a sector where margins are sometimes wafer-thin. Furthermore, they may inadvertently make a decision that could prove costly to the business.

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