Cooper Software Extends Link-Up With Pet Food Manufacturer

23rd November 2016

Logistics BusinessCooper Software Extends Link-Up With Pet Food Manufacturer

Technology consultancy Cooper Software is to extend its ERP solution with pet food manufacturer, Butcher’s Pet Care.

The companies have previously collaborated to implement Cooper’s ACQUIRE™ barcoding, data capture and inventory management solution and QlikView reporting solution to help improve inventory management, reporting and forecasting capabilities at Butcher’s. Due to the success of these projects, Cooper Software have been selected to develop a further QlikView reporting solution, which will provide Butcher’s Pet Care with a solution that provides insight into their Goods Receipt and Direct Issuing (GR&DI) manufacturing processes.

Butcher’s Pet Care are extending their Cooper Software developed ACQUIRE™ solution to include their goods receipt and manufacturing processes, giving operators the ability to capture raw material receipt and usage, shop floor information and track receipt of finished goods into inventory. This is being rolled out across certain lines and in the long term will be rolled out across all manufacturing lines.

This extension of the ACQUIRE™ solution aims to enable the business to improve data quality by capturing more accurate and timely data in the GR&DI process and gain greater insight into raw material usage and waste. The newly developed GR&DI QlikView application will provide the business with insight into the manufacturing process by providing up-to-date and automated reports on business KPIs. GR&DI data will be compared against set business targets, thresholds and quality standards at identified waste points within the manufacturing process. Analysis of this data will enable Butcher’s to become leaner as it will provide a holistic overview of the Goods Receipt to Inventory manufacturing process and provide Butchers with the ability to identify and analyse key waste points in this process.

To develop the solution, data will be taken from the Butcher’s Pet Care IFS Manufacturing Module. The data will be loaded directly into QlikView and Extract Transform and Load (ETL) logic built into the QlikView load process. The Cooper Software IFS SDK™ toolset will be used to automatically generate QlikView code from the IFS Module, saving significantly on development time.

Frank Cooper (pictured), Managing Director and founder at Cooper Software stated: “We are delighted to continue to work with Butcher’s Pet Care to develop a new QlikView reporting solution. The solution will help Butcher’s to accurately portray business critical KPIs in an insightful and meaningful way, ultimately leading to improvements across their business.”