Software Revenue Growth

30th August 2019

Logistics BusinessSoftware Revenue Growth

LLamasoft, a leading provider of enterprise supply chain design and decision-making solutions, announces strong growth results, posting more than a 30 percent increase in year-over-year software subscription revenues, bolstered by the addition of 33 new customers in the first half this year.

The company is also announcing continued progress on its goal to positively impact 100 million lives by 2022. Through partnerships with humanitarian organizations, governments and other innovative companies, LLamasoft solutions have been used to design, build and operate optimized supply networks for life-saving medical supplies in multiple countries in Africa. Innovations have included the use of alternative delivery methods including drone delivery that have positively impacted an estimated 3.75 million lives in the first half of 2019 and enhancing traditional medical supply networks and broadening the reach of these health systems.

The company was awarded a Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant of over half-a-million dollars that complements its private investment of $10.7 million into the expansion of its Ann Arbor, Michigan global headquarters. This investment supports LLamasoft’s business growth plans, which includes hiring additional software developers, data scientists, engineers, customer success and sales representatives to accelerate execution on the company’s product roadmap and expand support for additional customers. LLamasoft is on target to grow the global employee count by more than 20 percent into 2020.

“The world’s largest companies rely on LLamasoft to answer some of their most complex supply chain questions,” said Razat Gaurav, CEO, LLamasoft. “In times of accelerating change and continued economic uncertainty, global businesses need a systemic approach to continuously develop data-driven insights and make smart decisions leveraging advanced algorithms. With more rapid access to answers, agility, insight and the ability to rapidly operationalize decisions become a competitive weapon for these organizations. LLamasoft’s continued momentum is proof that more companies are committing to leveraging data and advanced algorithms to achieve healthier business results.”