InstaFreight Integrates with SAP Logistics Business Network

20th May 2020

Logistics BusinessInstaFreight Integrates with SAP Logistics Business Network

InstaFreight announced that key digital service offerings are now integrated with SAP Logistics Business Network, helping to ensure fast and efficient handling of road transportation in Europe. Users of SAP Logistics Business Network now have access to more than 12,000 carrier companies through InstaFreight. By leveraging digital processes, shippers can reduce complexity and carriers can reduce administrative effort, both key benefits during this challenging time of need across the globe.

“InstaFreight is working with the same legal standards as its analog competitors and is subject to the same industry laws, but customers using InstaFreight’s end-to-end digitalized processes can save time and money while gaining maximum transparency,” says Philipp Ortwein, Co-Founder and Managing Director of InstaFreight. “We are proud to achieve this integration with SAP Logistics Business Network.”

The request for freight capacity, also known as RFQ (Request For Quotation), and the resulting order placements are forwarded via an application programming interface (API) from SAP Logistics Business Network to the InstaFreight platform. InstaFreight, the contractual party to shippers and carriers, generates a quote immediately. Compared to analog freight forwarders, this real-time pricing saves a significant amount of time from the quote to the placement of orders.

Based on the extensive network of InstaFreight and its position as contractual party, the complexity for shippers when managing their transport is simplified, as the number of carriers is reduced. Simultaneously, the administrative barriers for carriers are minimized, as InstaFreight takes care of most of the administrative work with standardized solutions.

Pictured: Markus J. Doetsch, InstaFreight Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (left), and Philipp Ortwein, Co-Founder and Managing Director.