Analytics Tools Offer “Faster, More Powerful Insights”

6th December 2017

Logistics BusinessAnalytics Tools Offer “Faster, More Powerful Insights”

The AX4 logistics platform from Siemens subsidiary AXIT now boasts two new analytics tools to help supply chain professionals “obtain faster, more powerful insights” into their processes: AX4 Cockpit and Analytics by Tableau make it possible for data to be easily analysed and visualised based on the criteria you define.

How many orders are you currently processing? How has your shipping volume evolved over time? Are your transport contractors keeping their deadlines? “These new tools let logistics professionals navigate the flood of electronic data to find exactly what they need – for both operational and strategic planning,” explains Christian Wendt, Head of Marketing at AXIT, describing the benefit of the new features.

The AX4 Cockpit offers a real-time overview right in AX4 of the data and metrics you need and in a format you can customise to your unique needs and preferences, so you always have an up-to-date picture of your supply chain performance.

The partnership with leading data visualisation provider Tableau brings a comprehensive data analytics portfolio to AXIT customers. Analytics by Tableau lets you apply various criteria to drill down in your data, compile statistics, and present your insights in any number of formats: diagrams, cluster analyses, geographic maps, etc. Analytics by Tableau also lets you integrate local files or external systems to study your supply chain processes.

“Data visualisation opens up entirely new opportunities for analysis and interpretation,” says Wendt. “This reveals logical interrelationships previously hidden in tables, helping you make important decisions and better manage your logistical processes.”

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