Scandit launches 10x faster scanning solution

10th October 2022

Logistics BusinessScandit launches 10x faster scanning solution

Scandit, a leader in smart data capture, has launched MatrixScan Count, an out-of-the-box scan and count solution for received goods and inventory. Part of the Scandit Smart Data Capture platform, MatrixScan Count enables the accurate scanning and counting of multiple items at once via smart devices, speeding counting workflows by up to 10 times. The solution is designed to boost worker productivity, reduce human error and maintain accurate stock levels.

Enterprises in retail and logistics are facing multiple business challenges. They must deliver first-class customer service in the face of economic pressures, ensure accurate supply chain visibility, and maintain an efficient and empowered workforce. Improving productivity can ease some of these challenges. By shifting tedious, repetitive tasks from frontline workers to technology, errors in stock management or goods delivery can be eliminated while people are freed up to engage in value-add activities.

Tasks like receiving, stock taking, and cycle counting can be incredibly time-intensive, inefficient, and error-prone. Offered as an out-of-box solution, the built-in UI in MatrixScan Count means that enterprises can start using the solution immediately with minimal development time. Equipping workers with MatrixScan Count maximises efficiency, as workers can speed up counting workflows by up to 10 times. Inaccuracies throughout the supply chain are reduced as workers using MatrixScan Count receive real-time on-screen alerts via augmented reality guiding them to complete counting workflows precisely, avoiding incorrect products, double-counting, or accidentally skipping items.

“Counting accurately is a critical part of many business workflows for multiple industries, but tedious, multi-step or manual processes still prevail,” said Christian Floerkemeier, CTO and co-founder of Scandit. “Enterprises are struggling to recruit and retain staff, so by introducing tools such as MatrixScan Count which reimagine processes to super-speed through tedious tasks, workers can engage in high-value assignments leading to an enhanced experience.”

Free workers to focus on value-add activities

MatrixScan Count is built for speed, accuracy, and reduced human intervention. MatrixScan Count offers enterprises across the retail, logistics, parcel and post industries the ability to optimise labour resources and maximise process efficiency by addressing the entire counting workflow, for example:

  • Achieving accurate stock taking and inventory counting with built-in stock information updates and confirmation
  • Reducing time-to-receive in warehouses and back-of-store operations with visual counting and confirmation against a list that includes expected items to receive
  • Maximising drivers’ efficiency in verifying and counting parcels for delivery during van loading and unloading

Customised Experiences with out-of-the-box UI

MatrixScan Count gives workers the freedom to work how they want, equipping them to count at speed with maximum comfort, leading to increased productivity and an improved working experience. Pre-set user interfaces mean that customisations including left-handed mode, strap mode, and landscape scanning mode are provided depending on user preference.

MatrixScan Count is designed with real-world conditions in mind with stable long-range performance for capturing as many items in one shot at once, particularly important where large items are included.

Available now on iOS and select Android devices, MatrixScan Count leverages MatrixScan technology to locate, track and decode multiple barcodes simultaneously.