TSC Solutions Contribute to Higher Patient Security

6th April 2020

Logistics BusinessTSC Solutions Contribute to Higher Patient Security

In the always stressful day-to-day work in medical practices, hospitals and laboratories effective, user-friendly and above all reliable auto-ID solutions are essential. A high process and therefore patient security can be achieved by uniquely labelling tests and samples using secure and reliable adhesive barcode labels and by distinctively identifying patients through printed wristbands. As one of the leading manufacturers of efficient and economic barcode label printers, TSC Auto ID offers printing systems appropriate for all requirements in the healthcare sector as well as the perfectly suitable consumables.

For example, the TDP-324W is an easy-to-use direct thermal printer in the usual 2-inch format for printing letters, numbers, illustrations and barcodes on patient wristbands. Unlike other direct thermal printers, TSCs device features a compact design but can still hold a full 6.5-inch OD roll of wristbands. Its 1-inch roll core makes it compatible for most manufacturer’s wristband rolls. The fast printing speed of 102 millimeters per second ensures a quick printing process. Due to its printing solution of 300 dpi the flexibly deployable all-rounder is able to print miniature labels in such a precise manner that scanners or mobiles can reliably read the barcodes.

TSC offers a wide range of 2-inch and 4-inch desktop printers to enable the unique labelling of sample tubes or different tests. Needing only a small storage space the devices can also be used in limited work environments and are easy to clean. The printing information of thermal transfer printers, such as the attractively priced TTP-247 series or the high-performance TX200 and TC models, are extremely durable and withstand the handling in different analytical processes as well as autoclaves. The direct thermal printers, such as the DA210 series or the proven TDP-225 printers, are the most requested solutions when it comes to labels for simple applications.

The fitting consumables in various designs can be ordered directly from TSC – even in large quantities.