TSC Auto ID Launches “Most Versatile” Lightweight Printer Series

2nd August 2018

Logistics BusinessTSC Auto ID Launches “Most Versatile” Lightweight Printer Series

With its new MB240/MB340 and MB240T/MB340T models, TSC Auto ID is offering what it calls its most versatile compact lightweight series of thermal printer. These printers set new standards regarding flexibility, print quality and connectivity, according to the company.

TSC’s MB240 series is the new value leader for 4″ wide industrial label printing. The four robust, durable models can be used flexibly for a wide range of labelling applications in manufacturing, logis-tics and warehousing, retail, health care, offices and events.

The compact all-rounders feature the best print quality TSC offers thanks to faster processors and upgraded firmware. The TSC-own “Thermal Smart Control” tracks and precisely calculates the duration that each pixel needs to be heated to provide accurate, crisp and clear labels every time when printing one label at a time or thousands of labels in a batch. MB series offers models with 203 dpi and 300 dpi resolution. The reliable print mechanism supports 8“ O.D. label rolls up to 120 mm label width and 450 meter ribbon capacity.

Additionally, the printers offer easily understandable operator interface, quiet operation even at high label throughput and an easy to use high-contrast 3.5″ colour touch LCD panel with 6 buttons. The all-metal construction and die-cast aluminium print mechanism en-gine, big media capacities and label calibration with one touch on-ly, make this small one a real big printer.

The MB240 series can be equipped with an optional Peel-off Kit, that peels the label as it exits the printer and waits for the user to take the label until printing the next one. The liner is conveniently rewinded inside. Other options include cutters, GPIO, wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n or internal Bluetooth communications.

TSCs TSPL-EZD firmware is state of the art. It offers a fully com-patible set of standard industry emulations, including Line Mode, Datamax®, Eltron® and Zebra® languages and works in many IT environments including Oracle, Unix, AS/400, Windows and Stand Alone. Other features such as a file manager and programming language support stand-alone and down-time programming solu-tions allowing to print labels without connection to a host comput-er, or optionally be able to continue printing labels during times of network failure. The included DiagTool configuration software makes it a snap to replace existing printers.