Tote-Based Baggage Transport and Sortation System with RFID Technology

10th November 2017

Logistics BusinessTote-Based Baggage Transport and Sortation System with RFID Technology

Beumer has invested further in the development of its CrisBag® — a fast, flexible, tote-based baggage and transport system. The company needed reliable hardware in order to automate identification of the RFID tagged tote boxes. For the end customer, it was very important to use a combination of synchronized reader and external antenna, which could handle uninterrupted tracking and tracing during peak usage with increased baggage volume.

Since the CrisBag® system is offered for sale worldwide, the challenge was to equip the reader for global deployment, while still facilitating region-specific frequency ranges and high security standards. Further requirements included low energy consumption, direct interface for systems integration, and easy to personalize firmware and software. Beumer selected iDTRONIC’s industrial grade BLUEBOX RFID readers and antennas. These matched Beumer’s demanding requirements for a rapid and reliable identification of the individually monitored transport containers. To meet the requirements for bulk reading, the choice fell to the UHF frequency range and the BLUEBOX Advant MR reader with one channel and profibus interface.

Besides readers and antennas, iDTRONIC also provides Beumer with the suitable transponders. The built-in passive RFID tags in the baggage handling totes are optimized for the specific requirements of the BLUEBOX hardware. These tags are durable, do not require an internal power source, and are extremely cost-efficient.