Smart Glasses Solution for Smoked Fish Picking

5th July 2018

Logistics BusinessSmart Glasses Solution for Smoked Fish Picking

Deutsche See, German market leader in sales of fish and shellfish, will be using the pick-by-vision solution from Picavi at its main business site in Bremerhaven in the future. The Deutsche See employees will soon have Picavi smart glasses to pick items in the smoked fish warehouse as an initial stage in the project; this is expected to be introduced in daily work operations from the late summer onwards. Once things have become routine in this area and other conceivable opportunities for using the glasses in the fresh fish division and the frozen foods warehouse have been explored, the complete central warehouse in Bremerhaven is due to switch to the pick-by-vision technology. The 19 Deutsche See branches located all over Germany could follow suit at a later date.

“Our strong partnership with TEAM opened up the opportunity for promising and, in the end, productive discussions for working with Deutsche See. Deutsche See’s main site at Bremerhaven is already using the warehouse management system from the TEAM IT company in areas like picking smoked fish,” says Johanna Bellenberg, Director of Marketing and Communications at Picavi, explaining the background to the new project.

The goal of switching the operational procedures at Deutsche See is to be able to pick items better and even more efficiently because the smart glasses visually guide the employees through the picking process. The time savings achieved by using the pick-by-vision solution also support the supply chain management operations at Deutsche See – after all, the workers have to handle the products carefully, as they are dealing with food items. More than 35,000 customers of the market leader for fish and shellfish, whether they are food retailers or active in the catering sector, expect complete supplies with full product quality from Bremerhaven or from one of the company’s 19 branches elsewhere in Germany every day.

“Because our logistics employees will work with the Picavi smart glasses in the future, they’ll have their hands free so that they can fully concentrate on their picking work,” says Wolfgang Zeitz, Head of Logistics at Deutsche See, describing another aspect of the change to the pick-by-vision solution at the smoked fish warehouse in Bremerhaven. “If this switch in picking operations goes well and we prove that the smart glasses can be used in the cold and damp fresh fish division and in our deep freeze warehouse at -28 °C too, we’ve agreed with Picavi that we’ll extend the smart glasses to our complete central warehouse. If our other branches follow suit, we’ll completely introduce the pick-by-vision solution to our business operations.”