Ruggedized Boxed Receivers with Accurate Positioning for Logistics

27th August 2020

Logistics BusinessRuggedized Boxed Receivers with Accurate Positioning for Logistics

Septentrio’s first-of-a-kind SECORX-S GPS/GNSS receiver product line offers sub-decimeter accuracy without the need for additional positioning service subscriptions.

They conveniently deliver sub-decimeter positioning right out of the box, without the need for any additional correction service subscription or maintenance. Users benefit from always-on high accuracy provided by a PPP-RTK correction service integrated directly into Septentrio’s latest core GNSS technology. The SECORX-S product line, already known to offer top-performance GNSS OEM boards and modules, now also offers a ruggedized receiver in an IP68 chassis, AsteRx SB-SxTM .

“By launching the SECORX-S product family a few months ago we have taken a ground-breaking step towards easy-to-use and accessible high-accuracy positioning,” commented Francois Freulon, Head of Product Management at Septentrio. “Our SECORX-S product range now includes boxed receivers as well as compact modules and versatile OEM boards. With this expansion of the product family, our customers now have the flexibility to choose from a wider range of options a receiver which perfectly fits their needs.”

By adding boxed receivers to the SECORX-S product line Septentrio brings its innovative approach of plug-and-play accurate positioning to logistic applications as well as precision agriculture and construction. Receivers of the SECORX-S family offer lifelong sub-decimeter accuracy in U.S. and Europe. The PPP-RTK correction service integrated in these receivers uniquely combines near-RTK accuracy with short convergence time. AsteRx SB-Sx comes with built-in LOCK+ technology, maintaining a reliable positioning fix even during intense vibrations and mechanical shocks.