Rugged Screens With Instant Response on Show at ProMat

20th December 2016

Logistics BusinessRugged Screens With Instant Response on Show at ProMat

Rugged hardware specialist JLT Mobile Computers will be attending ProMat – the world’s premier supply chain and materials handling event – to demonstrate what it calls “the outstanding capabilities of its PowerTouch™ projective capacitive touch (PCT) display technology, which is setting a new standard in terms of usability and reliability in the face of some of the industry’s harshest applications”.

Alongside the “groundbreaking” PowerTouch technology, JLT will be showcasing two of its most popular industrial computers. The first is the compact VERSO+ 10 mobile computer, which is ideal for use within the heavy-duty and logistics segments due to its small form factor, flexible QuickLock feature and outstanding performance. The second is the company’s workhorse, the JLT1214P forklift computer which it says is renowned for its outstanding quality and reliability, and an ideal choice for logistics applications, ranging from warehousing and food distribution to freezer storage and cross-docking.

Both the VERSO+ 10 and the JLT1214P computer come equipped with the new PowerTouch display. They offer users an interaction experience similar to that of consumer devices, but thanks to the addition of a 0.07 in (1.8 mm) thick, chemically toughened glass cover, the screens are far more resilient, making scratches, scuffs or even breakage a thing of the past. Unlike resistive screens, that typically fail in areas where keys are regularly pressed, PCT screens aren’t susceptible to wear and tear and are ideal for use with virtual keyboard technology, giving users even greater flexibility in their logistics operations. In addition to this robustness, PowerTouch screens share the capability of resistive touch screens in that they can be operated with gloves of different materials and thicknesses.

Combined with an Intel quad-core processor the PowerTouch screens also exhibit very fast response times, which means that after touching the screen the response appears to be instantaneous. This responsiveness is unparalleled in the industrial and logistics sectors. Finally, advanced control firmware, which filters out unwanted signals caused by water droplets on the screen, means that these screens can also be deployed in wet environments.

As a result of all these performance capabilities, PowerTouch screens can offer a service lifetime as long as the computer itself, minimizing disruptive down time and resulting in higher service levels and greater customer satisfaction.