Honeywell Passive RFID Tag for Vehicles “Cannot be Cloned”

17th November 2017

Logistics BusinessHoneywell Passive RFID Tag for Vehicles “Cannot be Cloned”

Honeywell’s new passive RFID tag “enables secure vehicle identification while preventing counterfeiting, spoofing or exposing customer data to unauthorized users”.

The cost-effective IT70 RFID tag can be used for highway tolling applications, electronic vehicle registration as well as vehicle access and payment. The tag can be read from car and truck windshields at ranges up to and exceeding 10m – even as the vehicle travels at speeds of more than 160kph (100mph).

Today, drivers across Brazil are already using the Honeywell RFID tags to access toll roads and also pay for gas and parking.

“Organisations want to prevent unauthorized use of the tags, and their customers need the peace of mind that data being transmitted from their car is secure,” said Hank Stephens, RFID product leader for Honeywell’s Productivity Products business. “We incorporated a range of cryptographic standards to provide two-way authentication and data security with up to six access keys with fully configurable privileges.”

Honeywell says that since it is a fully passive RFID tag, the IT70 requires no further maintenance once it is applied to a vehicle windshield.