Full Pallet Inventory Solution Improves Accuracy

23rd June 2020

Logistics BusinessFull Pallet Inventory Solution Improves Accuracy

– ID Logistics, a European leader in contract logistics, goes one step further in the digitization of its warehouses incorporating Full Pallet Inventory, a technology developed by Zetes. The system, part of the ZetesMedea logistics execution solution, uses vision technology to rapidly count palletised inventory. A specially designed ImageID mobile reader mounted on a forklift travelling at speeds up to 10 km/h undertakes a Full Pallet Inventory. The system continuously adapts to the speed of the forklift itself and enables the time spent inventory counting in the warehouse to be reduced by 50%.

The Full Pallet Inventory operation requires pre-mapping the rack heights to minimize barcode scanning. The various heights and pallet locations in warehouse are consolidated into grouped locations to simplify counting routes. The system reads the data matrix code and decodes the pallet and location tag, translating it into the language of the Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Mercedes Espárrago, ID Logistics’ Re-engineering Project Manager, emphasised that “the ability to carry out inventory counting on the move, minimizing scans per warehouse aisle, translates into an optimization of time and resources and an improvement in warehouse productivity. Using ImageID gives us much higher data quality and reliability. Until now, inventory counts were carried out manually with the help of radio frequency systems or even paper. The system designed by Zetes gives us the ability to use imaging technology integrated with the WMS, a clear boost from ID Logistics in the logistics automation career. Full Pallet Inventory’s implementation has required close collaboration between ID Logistics’ various departments (IT, Operations and Re-engineering) and the Zetes team.”

On behalf of Zetes, Simón Ben Hamú, Country Manager of Zetes Spain stated: “The key differentiator of Full Pallet Inventory, in addition to image capture on the move and in real-time, is the ability to translate data into the WMS language. This process automation reduces the margin of error that may occur during data transfer, which allows a much more comprehensive and rapid analysis. We strongly believe that this innovative system will allow retailers to save significant time in their inventory process operations and that it will also help gain greater visibility.”