Danish 3PL Relies Visual Consignment Tracking

25th October 2023

Logistics BusinessDanish 3PL Relies Visual Consignment Tracking

In a time of increasing demands on delivery speed and quality, it is crucial for logistics companies to keep track of all incoming and outgoing shipments. However, as the manual search for specific goods in trans-shipment halls is time-consuming and error-prone, seamless shipment tracking plays an increasingly important role in the everyday life of transport companies. For K. Hansen Transport AS, ensuring a high-quality logistics service is also of great importance, so the company chose the CargoVIS video management solution from DIVIS for shipment tracking powered by the Quuppa tracking system.

Spoilt for choice: numerous locating methods available

In the meantime, there are a number of technologies that provide location data for seamless tracking, but not all of them are precise enough or optimally suited for indoor use. While GPS is sufficient for rough tracking outdoors, much more precise tracking methods are required indoors. Technologies such as Wi-Fi, ultra-wideband (UWB), RFID, and Bluetooth are suitable here. Today, the Quuppa RTLS solution (Bluetooth direction finding) is one of the most proven indoor tracking systems and offers many advantages for logistics (see side box). But especially when used in logistics, this technology unfolds its full potential only in combination with a software-based video management system (VMS). Such systems make it possible to ensure seamless tracking of goods in a matter of seconds through camera-based parcel tracking combined with precise location data.

Above all, the value-creating combination of these technologies was one of the criteria for the Danish company K. Hansen Transport AS to select a video management system with tracking technology. In addition, the solution was supposed to also cover the outside area of the premises and, above all, to be intuitive to use so that it is integrated into the daily logistics routine of the staff. Through a recommendation from a DIVIS customer, the transport company became aware of the intelligent video management software CargoVIS from DIVIS and the Quuppa solution. Since the first impression of the software functions also convinced K. Hansen Transport, the choice was not difficult.

Seamless goods tracking indispensable

In large warehouse areas with a high throughput of consignments, visual parcel tracking is indispensable for quality assurance. Thus, in 2021, the video management software CargoVIS from DIVIS was introduced in six logistics halls of the Danish company. Another almost 8,000 square metres were equipped with CargoVIS and the tagless Bluetooth tracking with Location+ offered by DIVIS. “We have already achieved very good results in finding goods and lost shipments since the system was installed,” explains Jakob Wiborg Hansen, Director of K. Hansen Transport AS.

A special benefit of this tracking solution is that hardware tags are no longer needed: This solution means that tags (or “transponders”) – small transmitters that normally have to be mounted on the scanners – are now no longer necessary. The task of the tags is taken over by an app developed by DIVIS. When a pallet is scanned with the Quuppa system directly from the barcode scanners (via app), the Transport Management System (TMS) or Warehouse Management System (WMS) records the data from the scan. In turn, locators installed on the hall ceiling receive the Bluetooth signals from the scanners to show the position at the time of the scanning and the app then transmits the scanner’s position. The location data is also linked in the CargoVIS database with the recorded video material of the consignment. This creates a complete movement path of information for each good, which makes it possible to track the goods precisely based on the consignment or pallet number. Another benefit is the fact that the fast search entry via scan points speeds up loading and unloading. With Location+, the positions of even concealed objects can be clearly determined.

One platform, many possibilities

In addition to the Location+ plus feature, the DIVIS platform offers further plus modules for the respective needs of logistics customers which can be individually combined with the video software products CargoVIS or – in parcel logistics – ParcelVIS. K. Hansen Transport AS uses License-Plate+, another plus function of DIVIS. This database-supported system enables the automatic recognition of vehicle license plates via video camera and simplifies access and yard management. The stored data can be used for entry and exit control and for controlling vehicle movements in the yard to ensure that only authorised vehicles enter the company premises.

Thanks to the DIVIS and Quuppa solution K. Hansen Transport has significantly increased efficiency in their operation. Because of the tagless environment, locating failures and localisation errors can be largely avoided and costs for the purchase, repair, and maintenance of the small transmitters can be eliminated. All of this in turn not only allows for enormous increases in efficiency and cost savings, but also reduces unnecessary work steps for the staff. The strengths of the solution are also evident in logistical environments where a large number of scanners need to be located. All you have to do is install the DIVIS app on new devices and the scanners are integrated into the tracking system. Due to the extensive process optimisations, the solution pays for itself quickly.

The solution benefits several areas of the company at once from Location+ with tagless Bluetooth tracking – from the loading processes to claims management. The customers will also benefit from a higher quality of service. “The cooperation with DIVIS, especially with sales and service, has been very effective,” says Director Jakob Wiborg Hansen, praising the exchange with DIVIS. “We are very satisfied with the system,” he sums up.