British Rugged Tablet Maker Announces Barcode Scanner

28th February 2019

Logistics BusinessBritish Rugged Tablet Maker Announces Barcode Scanner

Conker, a British producer of business rugged tablet, touch screen and mobile devices, has announced the availability of the Conker SX5 Android barcode scanner. Part of the SX range, the SX5 barcode scanner, available in black and white, has been designed to be fit-for-purpose across many industries, where data collection or replacing paper-based systems and digital transformation is critical.

From a design perspective, the IP 65 Rated, SX5 barcode scanner has been drop tested from 1.2 metres onto concrete, is protected against water jets and is impervious to dust. It is ergonomic, lightweight and compact, making it easy to handle by any mobile workforce. The MediaTek Quad Core 1.3GHz processor, 3G/4G connectivity, and integrated 2D barcode scanner ensures that the SX5 has the power and capabilities to manage the most complex digital transformation tasks.

The white version, specifically, features BactiBlock®, an additive that prevents the growth of bacteria, mould, fungus and other microorganisms, making it effective for the healthcare sector. However, both the black and white versions can be used to improve business processes within warehouse & logistics, engineering, manufacturing, hospitality sectors and public sector organisations.

James Summers, CEO and founder, Conker, says, “Businesses across the UK are crying out for cost-effective, fit-for-purpose, business rugged mobile devices, with associated scanning capabilities, to form part of their enterprise mobility and digital transformation strategies. Our devices are powerful enough to form the ‘device backbone’ of these strategies, as businesses create innovative ways to run enterprise software that streamlines their business processes.”

He added, “These barcode scanners look smart and are highly effective for employees to use. They’re portable and light, and for those who are working in a warehouse, for example, ‘scanning’ all day, they are much more ergonomic, compared with the other bulkier and heavier devices available on the market.”

The Conker SX5 forms part of Conker’s wider SX range of Android barcode reading devices. It is available immediately and can be ordered from £579. Pricing and payment options are dependent on specific customer needs. Conker offers up-front consultancy to determine the most appropriate mobile device strategy.