LYDIA Voice becomes #1 Android voice solution

11th March 2022

Logistics BusinessLYDIA Voice becomes #1 Android voice solution

Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG) has seen its LYDIA Voice application take the crown as the world’s number one pick-by-voice solution on Android devices. Over the past 12 months, EPG has secured a number of major customers from across industry, including merchandise management, food and beverage, global retail giants and manufacturing. Thanks to these new implementations on Android devices, LYDIA Voice has now become the voice solution of choice.

EPG has sealed a number of major contracts in the past 12 months, with a number of global retailers and producers of general goods, food and specialities as well as beverages, healthcare products and industrial components now placing their trust in the innovative LYDIA Voice software.

“Our business in Europe has been growing solidly for many years, and last year we were also able to gain a number of large-scale US clients with global operations,” explains Tim Just, CEO Voice Solutions at EPG. “As such, we sold a huge amount of LYDIA Voice users to warehouses, distribution hubs and fulfilment centres. Given the number of Android devices that our clients use to run the LYDIA Voice software, our technology is now the world’s most frequently used pick-by-voice solution.”

The noticeable surge in implementations is due to the fact that LYDIA Voice has become the leading voice recognition technology, he explains. LYDIA Voice is the world’s only pick-by-voice solution to feature voice recognition based on neural networks and deep learning, therefore delivering outstanding results.

In combination with the VOXTER Vantage, the perfect hardware for LYDIA Voice, EPG offers the most advanced all-in-one package on the voice market. The mobile voice computer works in perfect harmony with the software and is based on an optimised version of the Android operating system. The device is designed to be used for 100% voice-controlled processes.

Alongside developing its own voice hardware, EPG also places a great deal of importance on device independence – an aspect that Just sees as additional driver behind the growth. The company’s close collaboration with Zebra Technologies also contributed to the growing success, he suggests.

“Unlike other suppliers of voice-controlled picking software who require customers to use their hardware, we give our customers the freedom and flexibility to choose the optimal device platform for their workflows and processes,” explains Just.

LYDIA Voice underwent successful testing on a variety of mobile devices offered by leading providers, such as Zebra and Samsung. Most devices support multi-modal use, meaning they can be used for various applications in different parts of a company. The advantage for companies is that it’s easier to manage, maintain and update even a high number of devices.

“Customers can continue using the hardware they already have and just implement the LYDIA Voice users on their existing Android devices, provided they support these voice applications. For many of our customers, this is a big advantage in terms of investment costs, administration and maintenance,” explains Just.

In addition to supporting various Android devices, LYDIA Voice can also be used in combination with the LYDIA VoiceWear picking vest, which eliminates the need for headsets. This offers additional important benefits that also contributed to the technology’s market dominance.

“With our patented LYDIA VoiceWear technology, we’re the only pick-by-voice provider to offer a reliable solution without headsets,” Just says. The smart solution further enhances the overall user experience for employees,” explains Just, noting how companies are having to work increasingly hard to attract and retain staff over the long term.

“LYDIA Voice delivers near-perfect voice recognition rates for over 50 different languages. Users of other voice applications are still faced with outdated, lengthy voice training sessions for each employee. But we haven’t needed anything like that for over a decade,” explains Just.

“That’s why LYDIA Voice offers huge benefits, especially at companies where staff speak many different languages or regional dialects. Our system delivers outstanding voice recognition performance, enabling new staff to be onboarded much faster – even if they don’t, or only partly, speak the official language.”

As part of numerous pilot projects, customers compared LYDIA Voice with older-generation voice solutions. “All users of the older systems confirmed that LYDIA Voice delivered a productivity boost of 8-15%,” says Just.

EPG customers who have switched to LYDIA Voice have all reported noticeable improvements in voice recognition and overall staff satisfaction. The technology also provides companies with flexibility in their deployment of seasonal and temporary workers. In addition, LYDIA Voice can be seamlessly connected to all ERP and WMS systems.