New Machine Accelerates Door Production at Hörmann UK

7th September 2016

Logistics BusinessNew Machine Accelerates Door Production at Hörmann UK

Door production at Hörmann’s UK headquarters is being ramped up thanks to new production line technology that will increase the speed and accuracy of door modifications.

The CNC (computerised numerical control) machine is a digital device that uses a computer to control workshop tools. It’s one of the most advanced systems of its kind and will be used to alter the size and design of domestic doors – a job that previously had to be done by hand. It has an accuracy range of 0.03mm and it will reduce the amount of time spent on alterations from 40 minutes to just 5. In addition to boosting productivity, the system will also improve safety by minimising human contact with sharp tools.

Hörmann has invested around £150,000 in the CNC technology following a further £70,000 investment in stock management after the number of modified products produced last year rose by a staggering 40%.

Hörmann’s UK Marketing Manager, David O’Mara, says: “The CNC machine is a really exciting development for us. It will provide much greater flexibility for our customers, who will now be able to make more elaborate design specifications. We’ll also be able to provide much shorter lead times on domestic products and eventually we hope to explore the possibility of a 24-hour turnaround on our industrial panel orders.”