Largest Autonomous ride-on Cleaning Machine

16th September 2020

Logistics BusinessLargest Autonomous ride-on Cleaning Machine

Nilfisk, a leading global provider of professional cleaning solutions and services, announces the launch of two high-performance additions to its portfolio of autonomous solutions. The Nilfisk Liberty SC60, a robotic floor scrubber powered by Brain Corp’s BrainOS® AI software platform; and a UV-C light-based solution for Nilfisk’s existing robotic floor scrubber, the Nilfisk Liberty SC50, to target viruses and other pathogens.

These innovations, introduced at a virtual launch event, mark a significant step towards Nilfisk’s ambition of building a full portfolio of autonomous cleaning solutions. Hans Henrik Lund, Nilfisk CEO says: “Years of development have introduced state-of-the-art robotic technology within professional cleaning, and as a leader in intelligent cleaning, Nilfisk is committed to operating at the forefront of this evolution. We are, therefore, very excited to add two new innovative solutions to our portfolio. Together with our strong technology partners, we constantly strive to deliver the market’s best autonomous solutions, tailored to our customers’ unique cleaning requirements, and environments, in order to elevate their standard of clean. Today, we reinforce that commitment!”

The Nilfisk Liberty SC60 is Nilfisk’s first autonomous solution built on Brain Corp’s powerful BrainOS – the world’s most widely-used platform for the development and management of autonomous mobile robots. The high-performance machine is equipped with the largest scrub deck in the autonomy ride-on category and boasts best-in-class usability and significant operating capacity, making it ideal for maximizing cleaning efficiency in large indoor spaces like hypermarkets, warehousing, logistics, light-industry environments, and similar. To this end, the SC60 complements the abilities of the other robotic floor scrubber in Nilfisk’s portfolio, the Nilfisk Liberty SC50, which is developed with a smaller form factor for cleaning in environments that need more precision, agility, and the ability to navigate tighter layouts.

By introducing a new robotic-floorcare machine to its portfolio, Nilfisk responds to a recent increase in demand for autonomous solutions. “During the past months, cleaning has become even more essential for businesses and institutions, as they face new cleaning demands and requirements brought on by the pandemic. Many have turned to autonomy to meet these new demands, and we are extremely honored to be their partner. Together with our technology partners, we work each day to drive innovation in the market and deliver solutions to boost our customers’ cleaning performance – and the SC60, the newest member of our autonomous portfolio, is a testament to that,” says Lund.

By working with multiple partners, Nilfisk is able to bring innovation to customers rapidly. The new UVGI solution, also launched today, demonstrates just that. The solution was designed by Carnegie Robotics, a Nilfisk autonomous partner, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, to effectively target viruses and other pathogens. The solution was refined and tested, also by customers, and is now ready for commercial launch.

The solution uses powerful UV-C light to inactivate viruses and other pathogens and can be attached to the Nilfisk Liberty SC50. The robotic floor scrubber removes dirt and debris while the UV technology disinfects the surface simultaneously. The machine aims to deliver reliable, effective cleaning and disinfection of indoor spaces where hygiene is of the utmost importance, such as hospitals, airports, supermarkets, and schools.