Edge Intelligence Platform Introduced

23rd March 2021

Logistics BusinessEdge Intelligence Platform Introduced

Cognex Corporation has introduced its edge intelligence platform which provides barcode reading, performance monitoring and device management. The platform is to help customers prevent downtime and boost productivity
of manufacturing and logistics operations.

“Cognex’s machine vision tools and barcode reading systems produce insight-rich data across manufacturing and logistics facilities,” said Carl Gerst, Executive Vice President, Products and Platforms.“With EI’s powerful visualization and diagnostics tools, our customers can now use that data to identify performance issues and take corrective action faster.”

Within just a few minutes of installation, Cognex’s EI software begins securely collecting critical device data
and displaying the results in visual dashboards. Customers can use this data to analyze performance trends,
monitor configuration changes, and capture no-read and failed validation images for further analysis.

The platform can monitor multiple devices and lines within a single site as well as deploying configurations and firmware updates simultaneously to a large number of connected devices. It also includes audit trail capabilities that track and report any changes to device settings and connectivity features for easy integration with other Industry 4.0 solutions.

The edge intelligence edge platform is designed to help improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and increase throughput across a range of industries including logistics, food and beverage, consumer products, packaging, automotive, medical devices, and electronics.