Industry-Proven Visual SLAM Solutions

5th April 2023

Logistics BusinessIndustry-Proven Visual SLAM Solutions

Sevensense Robotics is committed to innovation and excellence in the field of Visual SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology and hardware. As a trusted partner to some of the world’s most innovative robotics manufacturers, Sevensense will showcase its cutting-edge Visual SLAM solutions at LogiMAT, which enable precise positioning and navigation of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), and other service robots.

With its unique market-proven Visual SLAM technology, Sevensense enables manufacturers of mobile robots to upgrade the navigation technology of their products and deliver best-in-class performance.

“We are thrilled to be exhibiting at LogiMAT 2023, and to have the opportunity to demonstrate our Visual SLAM solution at a key event for the intralogistics industry. Our products have been designed to meet the needs of logistics businesses, providing a solution that can help AMR users to increase efficiency, and flexibility while reducing their operating costs. We are excited to work with our partners and their customers to reinvent how mobile robots are used to automate processes,” said Gianluca Cesari, Chief Business Development Officer at Sevensense Robotics.

Product demos at LogiMAT 2023

The LogiMAT 2023 exhibition is the perfect platform for Sevensense to demonstrate its industry-leading technology and expertise.
Visitors will be able to experience first-hand how 3D Visual Autonomy can enhance the capabilities of automated vehicles, enabling them to navigate and operate in complex environments with greater precision and efficiency.

Sevensense Robotics will showcase its products:
● Alphasense Autonomy, a multi-camera Edge AI solution that provides vehicles with advanced navigation capabilities.
● Alphasense Position, which leverages the same hardware bundle to provide precise localization.
The Sevensense Robotics team will be offering live demos from Tuesday, April 25th to Thursday, April 27th at booth 6D09 in hall 6 at the LogiMAT 2023 show in Stuttgart, Germany. For the first time, Sevensense will display a number of series vehicles produced by its OEM partners and equipped with its Visual SLAM solutions. These mobile robots – spanning from intralogistics vehicles to service robots – state the maturity of the Sevensense technology and demonstrate only a few of the use cases that greatly benefit from it.

Sevensense builds the eyes and brains for mobile robots whose vision and intelligence empower manufacturers of manually operated vehicles to become providers of smart robots and enter the automation revolution of the 21st century. The company aims to solve complex automation challenges for its clients in the fields of logistics and service robotics. The technology radically simplifies and accelerates their development efforts, as it can easily be installed on any kind of ground vehicle, transforming them into smart robots. Sevensense envisions a world in which repetitive, dangerous, and unhygienic jobs in factories, warehouses, and public spaces will be carried out by robots equipped with their technology. Sevensense is a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich.