Enhance supply chain using AI-powered tech

18th August 2022

Logistics BusinessEnhance supply chain using AI-powered tech

7bridges, the AI-powered logistics platform used by global businesses worldwide to transform their supply chains, today announces its new partnership with Rapha Racing (“Rapha”), the leading cycling apparel brand. The partnership will see Rapha leverage 7bridges’ cutting-edge AI technology to create more resilient supply chains that will improve performance and reduce costs.

Over the past 2 years, Rapha has faced a huge increase in demand. This increase presented new challenges, and Rapha sought out an experienced supply chain management tool to partner with, with the aim to optimise its supply chain and improve the customer delivery experience while controlling costs.

Partnering with Rapha, 7bridges will provide its AI supply chain technology to help the business make its supply chains smarter and more impactful. The AI technology will be used to help manage the wide range of different carriers and service providers that Rapha currently works with, streamlining the invoicing process, ensuring that service levels are always met, and automating the dispute and recovery process for any erroneous charges. On average, 7bridges’ invoice auditing technology can recover between 5-14% in lost costs and delivers up to 5X on ROI.

This partnership will also give Rapha the sustainable and scalable platform they need to grow, with the ability to automate the integration of more carriers into their supply chain to provide a wider range of delivery options and a better experience for their customers.

“We’re really excited to get stuck into the 7bridges platform and realise its potential.” Said Adam Caton, Logistics Lead at Rapha Racing. “We can reduce costs and improve the performance of our delivery to customers through the auditing and analytics function on the 7bridges supply chain management platform. As our brand and global logistical operation grows, we’re looking forward to building a successful partnership with 7bridges which delivers real commercial value.”

“We’re always enthused to begin working with new, future facing clients like Rapha Racing.” Said Philip Ashton, co-founder and CEO of 7bridges. “Rapha has the vision and drive to ensure that their customer experience matches the quality of their product and are forward looking enough to want to stand out in the marketplace by wielding their supply chain as a competitive edge and a generator of insightful data that will enable smarter decisions and more performance improvements over time.”