Datalogic acquires Czech algorithm developer

29th March 2022

Logistics BusinessDatalogic acquires Czech algorithm developer

Datalogic S.r.l. has acquired the entire share capital of Pekat S.r.o. With its registered office in Brno in the Czech Republic, Pekat is a start-up founded by Petr Smid, the majority shareholder of the company, who has developed proprietary algorithms that use machine learning and deep learning for the automation of processes in the manufacturing, transportation and logistics sectors, with further potential for managing retail applications.

Pekat’s product is a highly innovative software based on proprietary algorithms that can be adapted and proposed in different fields of application, and compatible with different devices and platforms. Pekat’s software package perfectly combines with Datalogic’s hardware product lines. The joint offer will allow Datalogic to widen its product range with cutting-edge and easy-to-integrate solutions, to be offered to customers across industries to increase productivity and support their growth. The hardware-agnostic software can be used on third-party devices and platforms at the same time.

“We are excited about this acquisition, aimed at consolidating our machine and deep learning skills and enhance our hardware product range with solutions based on high-performance algorithms,” stated Valentina Volta, Group CEO of Datalogic. “Thanks to Pekat’s know-how and staff, Datalogic will continue to expand its software offering by developing additional algorithms.

“Customers are increasingly implementing automated solutions to enable their workers to focus on more complex and higher-value tasks. Machine learning and deep learning are key technologies to help them achieve this goal. Being able to count on the newly acquired Pekat, at a time of great challenges such as those imposed by the current global scenario, also enables us to evolve towards artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, which will be fundamental in meeting the constantly evolving needs of our customers.

“2022 is a fundamental year for Datalogic as it marks the 50th anniversary of its establishment, which we will also celebrate with the acquisition of Pekat. This acquisition proves Datalogic’s desire to strengthen its position as an innovator and to pursue its growth strategy, always looking for cutting-edge solutions for its customers.”

Petr Smid added: “At Pekat, we believe that tools such as artificial intelligence and machine vision improve the efficiency of processes in a wide variety of industries, with huge benefits for customers. By using artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning, automation will make the world better and faster.

“Our technology is independent from application areas and permits autonomous processes in different sectors, from production to transportation and logistics, up to retail. We are proud to join forces with Datalogic to expand the business worldwide.”

The value of the transaction amounts to €16m for the entire share capital, today held by a plurality of shareholders, the majority consisting of the founder and employees of the company, who will become part of the Datalogic Group. The acquisition is financed with available cash of the purchasing entity, without need for additional external sources of financing.

A part of the purchase price will be deposited in escrow and released within an agreed period of time upon the occurrence of certain conditions.