Achieving excellence in logistics, one less error at a time

17th March 2022

Logistics BusinessAchieving excellence in logistics, one less error at a time

The best way to correct present and avoid future errors in the supply chain is to see what happened in the past. That’s something that was previously almost impossible, until Sweden-based SiB Solutions came up with an intelligent video and AI subscription service to do just that.

Even the best logistics operations incur errors, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Everything from picking errors, transport damage and negative inventory balance. The costs of these errors reverberate throughout the supply chain network bringing increased administration, and a negative impact on areas such as customer satisfaction, brand, reputation, partner trust, and even the environment with greater CO2 emissions from extra transport.

Visual insights, the way to flawless logistics

SiB Solutions offers intelligent video and AI services that enable you to use visual evidence to protect you from costs caused by other stakeholders in the supply chain. Intelligent video analysis provides you with insights that allow you to check back to when a fault occurred, take the appropriate action and then follow up to ensure the same fault doesn’t occur again.

These services let you travel in time. You’ve seen what went on, and you know the result of what happened. So now you can use learned insights from yesterday to proactively remove identified risks ­ today and tomorrow.

achieving-excellence-logistics-one-less-error-timeVisual evidence can serve to verify claims by letting you quickly view what you shipped before sending an extra item. With instant access to visual receipts of performed work you cut the long tail of problems that could cause your business to shrink.

Visual insights into operations solve problems and shortcut learning loops associated with high impact projects like warehouse automation or moving MES, WMS or TMS.

“Visual insights help solve disputes swiftly,” says Staffan Persson (pictured), Global Presales Director,  from SiB Solutions. “It helps you move beyond blame games and assure long-term customer and supplier relations without unnecessary friction related to logistics shortcomings.

The way to smart, continuous improvement is watching what went on. Check back, realise what happened, take action, then follow up. “Intelligent video analysis gives you an efficiency boost and a way to work with continuous improvement, says Persson. “An obvious example is administration where it now takes just a few seconds to save hours of administration and extra work sending new products.”

Easy to subscribe to, easy to use

SiB Solutions offers subscription-based services that include immediate gains from visibility and insights, best practice and technical requirements.

The company’s recommendation is to start with the most critical areas, normally where goods are exchanged or change ownership. Then you can include visual material in any feedback and staff training. This is of course an excellent tool when working across national boundaries as an image is easy to read in all languages.

As the company’s name suggests, Seeing is Believing. Once you see the immediate benefits of intelligent video and AI, it’s easy to grow your subscription and release even more value for your site, your company and/or your supply chain network.

“Our big promise to make is that we enable you to get one step closer to flawless logistics every day.” Says Persson. “We put all our logistics and technology expertise at your service. All you have to do is subscribe.”

Isn’t it time you subscribed to flawless logistics?