12 Security Camera System Best Practices

8th April 2021

Logistics Business12 Security Camera System Best Practices

Eagle Eye Networks, a leading cloud services security camera company, has published a White Paper authored by its CEO, Dean Drako.

Security camera systems are increasingly internet connected, driven in great part by customer demand for remote video access. The systems range from cloud-managed surveillance systems, traditional DVR/VMS/NVRs connected to the internet, and traditional systems connected to a local network which in turn is connected to the internet.

With cyber-attacks accelerating, physical security integrators and internal support staff must keep up-to-date on cyber security attack vectors which can impact the video management systems they sell and/or support. These systems require the same level of protection from cyber security vulnerabilities given to traditional IT systems.

The White Paper focuses on the best practices for internet-connected security camera systems. Many of these practices may be also applied to other physical security systems.

To download a PDF of the White Paper, please follow this link:

12 Security Camera System Best Practices – Cyber Safe