Wales Food Wholesaler First to Take Flagship Trailer Cooler Unit

17th May 2019

Logistics BusinessWales Food Wholesaler First to Take Flagship Trailer Cooler Unit

Carmarthenshire-based food wholesaler Castell Howell has become one of Carrier Transicold’s first UK customers to take delivery of the Vector® HE 19 (High Efficiency), the company’s new flagship trailer refrigeration unit. The new arrival forms part of a larger order of Carrier Transicold systems all aimed at lowering the carbon footprint of the company’s commercial vehicle fleet. The new Vector HE 19 MT (multi-temperature) is mounted to a 13.6m double deck trailer – the company’s third – which are all manufactured by Gray & Adams and cooled by Carrier Transicold.

As part of Castell Howell’s continuing sustainability drive, six new 15-tonne DAF LF rigid trucks, fitted with Solomon bodies and Carrier Transicold ICELAND TWINCOOL refrigeration systems, will enter service later in the year. The new vehicles represent Castell Howell’s first use of Carrier Transicold’s engineless refrigeration solution.

The new Vector HE 19’s ultra-modern re-design includes significantly redeveloped internal architecture that cuts fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent, alongside a 10 per cent saving in weight and a noise reduction of 3 dB(A) – which to the human ear equates to a 50 per cent reduction in noise – as well as up to 15 per cent savings on maintenance costs.