Vos Expands in Benelux with SNEL Purchase

2nd December 2019

Logistics BusinessVos Expands in Benelux with SNEL Purchase

European Logistics Service Provider Vos Logistics is looking to boost is Benelux profile by buying Woerden-based SNEL Shared Logistics. This acquisition is in line with Vos Logistics’ strategy of further growth in the field of fine-meshed distribution, warehousing and cross-docking of goods with a focus on B2B, retail, e-commerce fulfilment and the delivery of, in particular, larger products to consumers. With a location of 65,000 m2 in Woerden, SNEL Shared Logistics is well positioned in the Randstad and is able to supply shops, businesses and consumers quickly and efficiently. In addition, the location offers opportunities for warehousing and order fulfilment for customers. Peter de Vries, director and owner of SNEL Shared Logistics will be part of the management team of Vos Logistics and will remain responsible for the operation in Woerden.

Sustainability is of the utmost importance to both companies: “Together we are even better able to respond to the growing demand for more efficient and sustainable mobility and logistics. By combining the goods flows of both organisations, we increase the occupancy rate of vehicles. This reduces CO2 and nitrogen emissions, and enables us to respond in time to the energy transition for distribution in cities,” according to Frank Verhoeven, CEO Vos Logistics.

Ben Vos, CFO Vos Logistics: By scaling up and digitizing business processes, we are able to deliver faster throughout the Benelux, better integrate with customers’ systems and keep rising costs under control. In this way, we remain an attractive partner to work with.”