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Containerships in LNG Tie-Up with Cross-Border Transporter Don Trucking

21st November 2018

Containerships, a full-service logistic company providing door-to-door container transportation in the Baltic Sea, North Sea and the Mediterranean and Don Trucking, a disruptive fast-growing company specialised in transborder transport, have signed a long-term partnership agreement based on the use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). As part of this partnership Don Trucking will deliver guaranteed trucking capacity to Containerships in the form of 15 LNG fuelled trucks for the next five years.

By signing this partnership, both Containerships and Don Trucking take their corporate responsibility for further sustainability of the transportation industry and anticipate the latest proposed EU legislation to reduce CO2 emissions from trucks by 20% from 2025 and by 35% from 2035. LNG is an attractive alternative to diesel for Heavy Duty Vehicles (HDV) as LNG as offers a 15-20% reduction in CO2, a 80% reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) and a 97% reduction in carbon monoxide (CO) emissions. In addition, LNG offers a significant reduction in engine noise.

“This partnership with Don Trucking is an important step in our strategy to use LNG in all our vessels and trucks,” says Arjan Bijl, Transport Manager at Containerships Rotterdam BV. “We strongly believe that LNG’s breakthrough is very close, but the infrastructure is still premature. In Don Trucking we have found a partner with the same future vision and the same ‘learn and do’ mentality as Containerships. This partnership is of great value to us. We’ll avail over guaranteed road transport capacity in the form of 15 trucks, which is a big advantage given the current market conditions, and we significantly contribute to our short term goal to avail over 200 LNG-powered trucks in Europe by 2020.”

“Whilst we are taking a risk to invest in LNG, we believe that LNG is the road forward,” says Don de Jong, founder of Don Trucking. “As industry, and therefore as company specialized in transborder transport, we can no longer ignore our responsibility. Whilst being on the forefront of developments isn’t easy, especially in a volatile market with constantly changing government policies, we are proud to be able to contribute to the sustainability objectives of Containerships whilst setting a next step towards our own mission to make LNG broadly available, in an affordable manner.”