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BITO Claims Lightweight Space Champion with New Container

14th September 2018

Storage expert BITO has added a new container series to its product portfolio: the BITO U-Turn Stack & Nest Container aims to maximise storage capacity and minimises occupied space on empty return transport to cut freight costs.

With a simple ‘move – stack – turn – nest’ design, the BITO U-Turn container converts from a large-capacity container, offering some 20% more storage capacity than other similar stack and nest containers, into a space saving bin during empty storage or transport – without compromising on its lightweight construction and on stability.

Its clever design means that when in use, full boxes are both easy and very stable to stack and when empty, a simple 180-degree rotation allows nesting. This saves a lot of space whether the U-Turn container is used for storage or distribution. A hatched area on the container sides indicates by sight and by touch whether a container is in a stacking or in a nesting position. The clever design prevents a vacuum forming as soon as empty containers are nested which ensures easy de-nesting.

The competitively priced U-Turn is ideal for a range of logistics operations including e-commerce fulfilment.

The BITO U-Turn container is available in a range of dimensions, options and with many accessories:

Dimensions (outside):
600 x 400 x 320 mm (from August 2018): Volume: 60 litres

From 2019, customers can also choose from the following sizes:
400 x 300 x 220
600 x 400 x 220
600 x 400 x 420

Colours: blue, green, red, grey
Handholds: grip holes, grip pockets
Base options: smooth single-layer base, ribbed base, double base
Accessories: lid (foldable), security seals, dolly, label pockets, bag holder