New Tape Dispenser from Packaging Specialist

1st March 2019

Logistics BusinessNew Tape Dispenser from Packaging Specialist

A packaging supplier has developed a new gummed paper tape dispenser to add to its online offering.

The new machine enables Kite Packaging’s customer base to seal cartons with eco-friendly paper tape, therefore reducing the amount of plastic waste produced from other traditional tapes.

Its manual design makes it ideal for light to medium volume packing operations and its compact sizing offers the ultimate table top sealing solution for small to medium distribution businesses across the country.

This dispenser has been designed with time-saving in mind as its large water tank and fill chamber ensures water is always topped up.
It’s also equipped with long and effective brushes which moisten and coat the tape quickly, thus eliminating the need for a water heater.

Packaging tape plays a pivotal part in safeguarding products throughout transit, gummed paper tape is an excellent option as it provides a tamper-evident, temperature tolerant solution that does not harm the environment.