New Loadhog Branding Aims to Highlight Sustainability Focus

3rd July 2019

Logistics BusinessNew Loadhog Branding Aims to Highlight Sustainability Focus

Packaging maker Loadhog has unveiled new branding to “emphasise its constant determination to drive innovation in returnable packaging”.

The Sheffield-based employee-owned manufacturer is committed to designing, developing and manufacturing new sustainable packaging and supply chain solutions which save companies valuable time, money and labour.

The new branding not only includes a new logo but also the Hogmark™ which gives Loadhog its own symbolic reference to industry standard and innovation in packaging. Like a hallmark is stamped on articles of gold, silver & platinum to certify its purity, the Hogmark™ will be stamped on Loadhog products to symbolise quality, innovation & environmentally friendly packaging.

Jake Charlton, Loadhog’s marketing manager, said: “Loadhog has come a long way since its birth in 2003 and has now reached a point when the company feels its original branding no longer fully reflects what the business is about.

“We are firmly committed to reducing logistics and packaging waste and known for genuine innovation in manufacturing products which provide benefits throughout the supply chain. The new branding is clean, modern and befits the quality embedded within the packaging we design.”

Alongside the brand launch Loadhog has also made various key website developments and digital marketing improvements to ensure efficient communication to an ever-growing international market.