Label Solutions for All Industrial Requirements Promised by Novexx

8th July 2019

Logistics BusinessLabel Solutions for All Industrial Requirements Promised by Novexx

For food, beverages, personal care, pharma or chemical products – the new developed, mulitfunctional XLS 2xx Labelling System manages every industrial labelling requirement, according to German labelling specialists Novexx. Various configuration options and a large selection of features ensure maximum flexibility – for continuous operation and maximum production line uptime. User-friendly features such as a large colour display and the new Easy Push Rewinder for an easy handling of labels complete the new development. And, says Novexx, the device is more compact than ever before.

The XLS 2xx Labelling System- Family offers a wide range of solutions for small to extra-wide labels, from low to high speed labelling. Whatever requirements exist, the new system can cope with any scenario, claims Novexx: The XLS is the choice for applying all kind of labels and label shapes: from decorative to promotional, nutrition or warning labels.

The XLS 2xx Labellers convince with the following advantages:

Highest flexibility: The XLS 2xx is prepared for every industrial labeling challenge. Both very small and extremely wide labels are applied with high accuracy, in every imaginable position. Due to the modular design, the labeling system can be quickly and easily integrated into new and existing production lines. In addition, the XLS 2xx can be used in tandem mode for maximum uptime and productivity. Thanks to robust components, the XLS 2xx is reliable and needs limited maintenance.

User-friendly operation: A large display with an icons-controlled menu ensures an intuitive operation. Thanks to different colored backlights, the machine status can be recognized at a glance. Another innovation is the Easy Push Rewinder, which allows easy and quick removal of label material. Thefore the handling is as user-friendly as never before.

Intelligent functions: The XLS 2xx family is equipped with a range of intelligent features to make the labelling process even more efficient. The dispensing speed automatically adapts to the conveyor speed which increases the productivity and performance of the entire production line. Optionally, the labelling system can be combined with IP65 kits for use in humid or dusty environments. Thanks to this, the labelling system is also prepared for rough production conditions.