An Answer for Servitization

9th July 2019

Logistics BusinessAn Answer for Servitization

Sitma Machinery, an Italian manufacturing company which specializes in designing and assembling machines, systems and turn-key solutions for the Packaging, Post-Press, DM/Transpromo and e-Logistics fields, have begun to heavily invest in expanding their know-how in the software sector. This is to develop programs to give customers better control over their manufacturing processes and to let them transform monitoring data into value added solutions for the customers themselves.

Since the company’s inception in Spilamberto – Italy, more than fifty years ago, innovation has been one of its most distinguishing features. Sitma has always been very attentive towards software development, something which blends well with the latest trends at Industry 4.0 level, especially in automation. The use of software to collect, process, and bring together big data to manage increasingly smart processes, means that Sitma are at the forefront of the industry. At the same time, Sitma seeks to simplify user interfaces, making them more user-friendly and intuitive. Feedback between machines and operators must be immediate, so that manufacturing becomes more and more nimble and efficient.

What are we doing at Sitma? “We want to sell ourselves as the best global technology partner for everyone,” says Stefano Nanni, CEO at Sitma. “At a time when services are increasingly more important than the actual product a company makes, we want to offer our customers a complete solution to let them interface with just one person, when they are looking for the best possible advice, installation and after-sales service.” “If this is a target we want to reach,” adding Engineer Nanni, “we have to bring together the mechanical side – which for us at Sitma means absolute reliability and the latest design – with the most efficient software possible. Co-Ware is this solution: a cooperative platform which gives absolutely efficient supervision of automated parts.”