Storage System Expert Celebrates 50 Years in Business

4th July 2019

Logistics BusinessStorage System Expert Celebrates 50 Years in Business

Storage system expert NEDCON celebrated its 50th anniversary earlier this week. It specialises in manual warehouse racks and semi-automatic systems to an integrated approach for complex and automated warehousing layouts. “The flight of e-commerce in recent years provides an attractive future perspective. We have been developing racks for automated warehouses since 1984,’’ said CEO Edwin Bolwerk.

In the first years, the company consisted of a handful of employees, but this has since risen to a workforce of over 400 dedicated employees. NEDCON has offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United States. The typical NEDCON spirit has been present with the company since the very beginning. “We know 19 different nationalities at NEDCON, but our employees experience, as we regularly hear, a strong family culture. We act as a team and support each other in every project. This makes us so successful,’’ says CFO Erik Lansink.

Another success factor is NEDCON’s ability to continuously adapt to developments in the market. ‘’A lot has happened in the world of storage systems. We have a broad set-up, from standard components to complex, automated projects, which now predominate in our company. Two thirds of our business is in this niche market and it has clear growth potential,’’ said Bolwerk. “Without the extensive (technical) knowledge of our employees, we would not have been able to meet this demand. In addition, we have everything in-house. Think of product development, conducting tests in our own Test Centre and of course our own production in the Czech city Pardubice. This makes us as NEDCON distinctive from competitors.’’

NEDCON’s history also contains difficult periods. The relocation of production from Doetinchem to Pardubice and a number of reorganizations were not easy, among other things. Since 2009, the company has been growing steadily. Bolwerk: ‘’We look forward to the coming years with great positivity. As long as we continue to lead the way with technical developments and retain the involvement of our employees, we are assured of another 50 beautiful NEDCON years.’’