Haulier Sees Drivers Self-Correct Behaviour with Orbcomm Performance Scoring

2nd July 2019

Logistics BusinessHaulier Sees Drivers Self-Correct Behaviour with Orbcomm Performance Scoring

Sheffield-based haulier Newell & Wright has enhanced its overall fleet safety with full visibility of driver performance scores providing actionable data to improve behaviour, efficiency and safety. Instead of separate reports on tachograph compliance, safe driving and fuel performance, ORBCOMM’s in-cab and back office solution provides a combined driving style score. The full story is outlined in a new case study released today by ORBCOMM, a global provider of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Specialising in container and haulage logistics and freight forwarding, Newell & Wright employs 300+ people and has a fleet of over 100 vehicles. It found that drivers adopt the advice and adapt their driving behaviour to improve themselves against their peers. “In general, across the whole fleet, we have a significant improvement in weekly scores. We very rarely have someone we need to monitor or speak to now. They see their own score; it is human nature to strive not to be at the bottom of the pile every week. We can worry less,” says Stephen Newell, Operations Director.

ORBCOMM’s driver performance scoring uses summary scores backed up by detailed, transparent data. In the cab, drivers receive intuitive, immediate, driver-friendly feedback and coaching. In the back office, drivers can be compared equally, with drill-downs available into any incident and performance in individual trucks to highlight anomalies in driving style across different vehicles. League tables and scorecards bring the data to life and allow for sharing and easy interpretation by drivers and trainers.

Driver performance scoring from ORBCOMM monitors a range of driver criteria including idling, harsh braking, speeding and acceleration. The information is an indication of which drivers are performing well and where there is room to improve. As well as impacting safety, driver performance impacts on fuel usage, vehicle use, customer satisfaction and ultimately the success of the business.

Newell & Wright’s administration workload has reduced too thanks to its focus on automation and digitisation. It intends to go entirely paperless in summer 2019.