Fleet Managers Handed App for Out-of-Office Control

11th June 2019

Logistics BusinessFleet Managers Handed App for Out-of-Office Control

Freeway Fleet Systems has launched a smartphone app which enables fleet managers to deal with important management issues while out of the office. The app provides instant access to key management data held on Freeway’s fleet management system.

The app has already been introduced among a number of Freeway users and is proving to be particularly useful in financial control where management intervention is required to authorise expenditure. Freeway’s all-in-one system handles everything to do with vehicle maintenance and compliance, including the management of labour, stock and purchasing.

Parts and equipment order requests raised by stores and engineering often require management authorisation. Freeway’s software automatically sends sign-off requests to the appropriate manager based on the order value and this can be approved or rejected by the manager using a smartphone.

“For managers, this is a brilliant addition to Freeway,” says Eddie Street of London Bus operator Tower Transit. “I don’t need to be at my desk logged onto my PC to deal with things such as PO authorisations. I can basically keep my finger on the pulse wherever I happen to be and know that I am not holding up any work.”

The app also allows those managing workshop activity to use their phones to assign work and deal with defects.