Logistics Software Maker Alpega Names New Group CEO

7th June 2019

Logistics BusinessLogistics Software Maker Alpega Names New Group CEO

Todd DeLaughter has been named the new Alpega group CEO, effective 1 June 2019. The incumbent CEOs Oswald Werle (inet) and Fabrice Maquignon (TS) will stay on board and continue to support the future Alpega growth strategy.

The Alpega Group, founded in January 2018, is a leading global logistics software company offering
End-to-End solutions that cover all transportation needs, including Transport Management Systems (TMS) and Freight Exchanges. In order to further leverage the synergies between and within TMS solutions, freight exchange marketplaces and tendering capabilities, a group-wide CEO, Todd DeLaughter, has been appointed. The new CEO will focus on delivering innovative SaaS solutions and services based on the group’s most distinct benefits: the vast community of carriers, shippers, customers and other supply chain partners, as well as the immense amount of valuable data available.

DeLaughter is an experienced software CEO, having previously led the successful growth and exit of
Automic group for EQT. Prior to Automic, DeLaughter had a track record of CEO roles where he was instrumental in growing international software companies organically and through M&A. His main goals are thereby the removal of barriers to value creation, team alignment and employee empowerment. In his own words: “I’m very much looking forward to joining the talented team at Alpega to build world class solutions for the transportation industry. Now more than ever, software managing the logistics of shipping, provides an advantage our customers need to compete.” Mr. DeLaughter will be based in Vienna, Austria.